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Sean’s Supplement Tips

April 6, 2010

My top tips and secrets about shakes and supplements. Read on…

1. Great Harvest has quality protein in bulk, cheaper than anywhere else.   Support local!

2. The only 4 supplements you need for muscle-building:

  • multi-vitamin
  • protein – before bed, post workout, & with brekky!
  • fish oil
  • creatine

3. My favorite before bed muscle-building shake:
(not recommended for weight loss)

  • 10 oz. of milk OR water
  • 40 g.  protein (casein)
  • 1 Heaping tablespoon of Ben-A-Fiber
  • 1 shot of olive oil

The fiber and casein protein coagulates in your stomach, sending a trickle of nutrients into the blood stream. This lasts for hours feeding the muscle tissue all night. The olive oil adds healthy fats (omega-3) and has anti-inflammatory effects.

4. My favorite post workout shake:

  • 8 oz. apple juice
  • handful of mixed fruit  and berries
  • 1 emergen-c pack
  • 25 g. whey or soy protein
    (all ingredients available at The Ridge Juice & Brew)

Blend and ENJOY!!

Author: Sean Beckett, Personal Trainer, The Ridge Athletic Clubs

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