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October 9, 2011


Hope your week of running was fun for you and that you pushed yourself. This week the focus will be more directed on running form and foot strike technique. The Blog postings are very important to read because every week there is a running tip and there will also be exercises added into your running routines. Thank you to all of you who are taking my class and I hope that you continue to run outside of class to better prepare for the race day.

Week Three








Do some form of light cardio for 20 minutes

CLASS at 5:30pm

Walk, Elliptical, Bike, etc. for 30 minutes

Run & Walk
Run 5 min
Walk 1 min
Repeat 5X


Run & Walk
Run 6 min
Walk 1 min
Repeat 5X

Run 2 mins


Run & Walk
Run 6 min
Walk 1 min
Repeat 5X

Run 2 mins

Trainer Tip: Be prepared to remove any negative thoughts like “cant,”  “Im too tired,” and “Im just not a good runner” from your mind. The moment you tell yourself you can’t then you won’t!

Weekly Quote: “With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable.  ~Thomas Foxwell Buxton


Below is a link to a site I found that a woman named Debbie Pitchford created. Debbie is a licensed PT and runner. The four exercises she listed are perfect for runners. The areas of the body that most need to be stretched are hips, quadriceps, IT band, and Calf muscles. You will want to hold your stretches for about 15-30 seconds!

If you warm up properly you don’t have to stretch before a workout. The purpose of warm-up is to get the body ready for exercise. The purpose of stretching is to release tension built up from your workout in the muscles. Stretch 10 minutes after every run and you will notice a difference in how your body feels and recovers from your run!

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