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8 Weeks to 5k: Week 4

October 12, 2012

Hello everyone! I hope everyone has been pushing themselves on their own this week; everyone did so awesome on our group run earlier this week, so don’t underestimate yourselves!! 

We had a few people missing this week, and I just wanted to reiterate what we talked about before our run in case some people missed it.  On this blog when the workouts say “run/walk” for the allotted intervals, its the ultimate goal to be able to run for the full amount of time listed, but if you cannot don’t worry!  It is your job to push yourself as much as you can for that amount of time.  If that means you need to take a break halfway through, that’s okay!  This is a plan to fit everyone in the group, and we are all at different levels, if you need to tailor it to fit the level you are at it’s more than okay, just keep pushing yourself!  That being said, here is this week’s workout:

Week Four








Do some form of light cardio for 20 minutes

CLASS at 5:45pm

Walk, Elliptical, Bike, etc. for 30 minutes

Run & Walk
Run 8 min
Walk 1 min
Repeat 3X

Run & Walk
Run 8 min
Walk 1 min
Repeat 3X

Run 2 mins


Run & Walk
Run 10 min
Walk 1 min
Repeat 2X

Run 2 mins

We had some requests for a warm-up routine that you can do on your own before runs.  Walking for five minutes is great.  It would also be good to throw in some of the following or do them all in a row!

Forward Lunges

High Knees

Butt Kicks

Side Shuffle

Easy Jog

Shoulder Rolls/ Arm Circles

Hope you all have great weekend, see you Tuesday!

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