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8 Weeks to 5k: Week 8!

November 11, 2013

Hello! We are up to the last week of class already! This past week’s run outside was pretty dark, but if you are able, continue to run outside! It will only help you on race day! We have one more class together as a group, so if you are able to make it to class please come! There will be this post for the upcoming week, and then we will post once more next Sunday for your workouts the week before Huffing for Stuffing when we don’t meet as a group.  Here is this week’s workouts:

Week Eight








Do some form of light cardio for 20 minutes


Walk, Elliptical, Bike, etc. for 30 minutes

Run for 25 mins, walk 10 minutes

Run & Walk
Run 26 min
walk for 10 mins


Run & Walk
Run 28 min
walk 10 mins

**DOWNTOWN TRAINEES: We will meet AT the Museum of the Rockies this Tuesday to run the course.  See you there

Enjoy, and hope to see everyone next Tuesday for our last group run!

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